Final Thoughts on Trip Rambling in 2014-Excuse my bad grammar but just the facts!

“ A journey is best measured in friends rather than miles”

People: Friendliness was exhibited by all we encountered on our trip. It did not matter whether it was NYC or rural Illinois. All the people were friendly and very helpful. The gentleman from Australia in Illinois that said his Australian money goes much further In America because of the exchange rate was interesting. It was cheaper to visit America because his Australian money is worth so much more than our money it went further here. It was so much fun seeing my old high school classmates in Arkansas.

 “Live and Enjoy”                                                    

 “Who lives sees much.  Who travels sees more”

Places: The RV/MH Hall of Fame in Elkhart was fun too since we like RV’s. The Ford Museum in Dearborn was great. Bishop’s Hill, The UP of Michigan and the rural areas in west central Michigan and how economical it is to visit there. The cost of goods is cheaper there than where we live and that was surprising. The beauty of mountains in states not thought of as mountainous was outstanding. The mountains of Massachusetts and Connecticut were pretty and we enjoyed seeing them but we were surprised at finding such nice mountains in those states. Parliament hill in Ottawa was delightful and everything was so “America Like”. Canada is so much like America but they do seem to have a little different political view than we have in our area. The massive corn fields of the mid-west especially in Illinois. Corn is a universal crop in the areas we travelled but the size and quality of the crops varied greatly. We crossed the Mississippi River many times as we crisscrossed the Midwest and each time it was so impressive to see. Branson, Mo is always such a neat and fun place to see and visit.

“I see my path, but I don’t know where it leads. Not knowing where I’m going is what inspires me to travel it.”  

Things: Impromptu 2 was a good boy (RV) and performed admirably. One of the greatest benefits of travelling in an RV is that you can stay almost anywhere you like and stay as long or as short a time as you would like to stay On average we only travelled just over 100 miles each day, but we didn’t move every day. We relocated every few days. On our drive day, we drive 4-6 hours, then we stay put for a few days. This is a relaxed style and we enjoy it, and keeps us fresh and rested. Our style of travel in Impromptu 2 is fairly well established, but changes if places are miles and miles apart like they are in the western US for example. We would stay a few days in a place of interest and then we move to another. If we are disappointed by any one place we simply move sooner than we had planned. This is very fluid and again a very relaxed travel style. Hence the name, Impromptu 2, which means traveling on the spur of the moment without too much advance planning. All we have is a trip outline when we start our trip and then we fill in the trip with places and things as we travel along the route. Mass transit in the larger cities was a real good way to travel and get right into center city with ease. Toronto was much easier to get into using the trains as was Boston. We would pass right by traffic jams in the large cities while we were traveling on mass transit trains as 50-60 MPH! Gershwin music at the Ford Museum was so easy to enjoy and easy on the ears. The high cost of toll roads especially in the NYC and Philadelphia area. I bet we paid close to $100 in tolls and that’s high. The ice road that was 2 ½ miles long across Lake Superior during the winter and is maintained by the state of Wisconsin.

Misc: War with Canada in 1812 was forgotten and surprising for us to be reminded it occurred long ago. NASCAR & how NASCAR is set up to cater to NASCAR fans, speed of Bristol’s fantastic track, relaxation & fun. The cool nights were nice and we only noticed a little warmer days and nights after we got south of Boston. We followed the Revolutionary War from Canada to Fort Ticonderoga and on to Vermont, and into Boston and down to Valley Forge, PA and on to the NYC area and NJ too. It made me think about how much sacrifice our fore fathers made to allow us to be free and independent today. I was really surprised at how many miles our forefathers covered during the war so many years ago.

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